Studio Narrative
Media, Art, Research and Design

Studio Narrative is a creative agency that believes in the power of progress, in the potential of stories to shift perspective.
We are designers, artists, writers, academics and Others on a mission. The city is our home. Its vibes, sounds, structures and cultures drive our creative process.
Inspired by these streets we translate values and codes from one world to another and back. Always keeping the balance between form and content. We develop ideas and strategies that are relevant, potent and just f*ing dope.  

Our mission: serve communities and shape culture by pushing the needle forward. 


We move at the intersection of cultural and technological innovation. Thru sampling and translation we organise ideas, people and funds. Always staying close to our countercultural approach to development.
We’re proactive towards our stakeholders. In an urban environment that is getting increasingly complex, collaboration lies at the core of progressive change. That’s why we strive towards generating value and increasing impact through Public Private Partnerships. 

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